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Line Equipment has been building VFFS machines for over 20 years, with almost 400 baggers installed all over the world, renowned for their reliability. We believe we can offer customers machines that deliver both high efficiency and value for money The entire LE VFFS bagger range is constructed in stainless steel to suit even the most demanding environment, making them, amongst many applications, excellent wet food machines.

As each machine is tailored to meet your specific application they can be supplied to fit on your production line as standalone units or as a twin machine. We can add required feeding equipment, including volumetric weighers, multi-head weighers, take-off conveyors, designed into the processing line. Our machines can also be fitted with additional equipment including labellers, degassing valve applicators and zip applicators, etc.

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LE 250 Bagger

Bags; 70 – 250 mm wide x 400 mm long.

Speed; Up to 100 bpm

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LE 360 Bagger

Bags; 100 – 360 mm wide x 500 mm long.

Speed; Up to 100 bpm

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Our Machines Are Available As Continuous Motion

Faster Bag Speeds

Kinder Drop Filling

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LE 400 Bagger

Bags; 100 – 450 mm wide x 600 mm long.

Speed; Up to 50 bpm

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LE 500 Bagger

Bags; 150 – 500 mm wide x 800 mm long.

Speed; Up to 40 bpm.

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The Continuum - Continuous Motion

Bags; 100 – 360 mm wide x 500 mm long.

Speed; Up to 120 bpm

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John Talks About The Bag Sizes Achievable On The LE Range

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Intermittent or Continuous Motion?

Benefits of Continuous Motion

in addition to our standard Intermittent Machines we offer the option of Continuous Motion across the LE VFFS Range. This will give our customers further speed options, and offer potential energy savings, leading to faster payback times on investment in each machine.

One further advantage over intermittent that Continuous Motion machines offer is in the movement of the jaws. The jaws rise upwards as the product is released downwards to fill the bag. This produces a smoother fill, negating problems where air could become trapped under products such a lettuce leaves, causing irregular fills.

This motion also reduces product damage such as bruising to fruit and other products.


John Explains Continuous Motion

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Our VFFS range is usually just the starting point. Each machine in the range gives an indication of footprint and bag size capabilities, but the real value comes in our ability to adapt and optimise the machine to suit our customers’ specific requirements.

John Blashkiw

M.D., Line Equipment

One of Our Objectives for 2017

To Produce a 'Low Drop' VFFS Bagger with Faster Fill Speeds for Large Bags

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