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UK Built HFFS Flow Wrapper

The LE 150 Flow Wrapper

The LE 150 HFFS Flow Wrapper

The LE 150 Flow Wrap (HFFS) Bagger

British designed and built, the LE 150 Horizontal Form, Fill & Seal machine is ideal for flow wrapping a wide range of products in both heat seal and cold seal packaging materials. The LE 150 flow wrapper is a reduced size machine that retains the output speed and the pack size capacity of physically larger machines. Driven by a simple mechanical drive system, the LE 150 also only requires a single-phase electrical supply. The LE 150 is constructed mainly from stainless steel, anodized aluminium, and various plated steel machine parts. A self-centering packaging material reel mandrel and single size fixed fold box are supplied as standard. Output speeds of up to 100 packs per minute can be achieved, dependant upon various parameters. The LE 150 consists of a basic Flow wrap module onto which the customer can add if required, various sub assemblies or ancillaries. This allows the LE 150 to be customised to each particular application, requirement, or floor space restraint. A wider version of the LE 150 is also available.

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