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Produce Multiple Bag Styles Including Doy Style Stand-up Pouches from ONE Machine

Success In A Bag

Pillow-BlockillustratYou have to make your bag choices based on suitability to the product you are looking to package. This includes consideration of the content and the ability of the finished bag for display and marketing purposes. Film is a design friendly medium, allowing you to consider graphic design as part of the process. The choice of bag style in terms of it’s ability to stand or hang in displays is also important.

Fortunately the LE range of VFFS bag filling machines are both versatile and flexible. With the ability to fill more than one style of bag on one machine, simply by changing the forming set, and by also allowing to differ the bag size, our machines allow for cost effective multi-packaging modes.

Now however we have advanced our range a stage further. Now you can produce Pillow, Block Bottom, Gusset, Quad and Doy style bags from one machine – the LE360 PDQ

LE360 PDQ – ONE Machine – Multi Bag Styles!

Line Equipment have developed a fast, easy to operate and tool free transition system that allows the machine’s jaws to move from a traditional pillow, block bottom, gusset or quad style bagging machine to a Doy style packaging machine in thirty seconds.

The rotatable jaws and true fin back seal allows for ONE machine to cover more bag styles and you can have the ability to add resealable zip closures too.

With the ability to add multiple Forming Sets for each Bag Style Set Up the range of bag sizes, in various styles offers incredible flexibility.

This machine negates the need for multiple machines to cover different styles, offering potential cost and space saving benefits for companies who need the flexibility of multiple bag styles.

Everything else you expect from a member of the LE range is still included.

LE360 PDQ Machine Jaws in Standard Bag Position

LE360 PDQ Machine Jaws in Doy Style Position

Doy Style Position – Top View

We haven’t come up with a name for this machine yet. Any suggestions? Let us know via our Facebook page.

Watch the ease with which you can change the machine from traditional style bags ready to Doy style bag filling ready. Don’t forget to change film/Forming Set, etc though!

Doy Style and Stand Up Pouches

The Doy Pack style of stand-up pouches are popular for their strength and versatility in packaging a broad range of products, including powder, granules, pastes and liquids. The Doy Pack style stand-up pouch can achieve a greater filling volume then a flat pouch, and their ability to be displayed upright at point of sale offers an advantage in product marketing.

More recently the addition of resealable enclosures, such as zip sliders, added further benefit for product manufacturers by increasing the longevity of their products freshness after initial opening, giving further reason for the stand-up pouches growth in usage as a core packaging option.

All of the Line Equipment range of VFFS packaging machines are capable of producing Doy style stand-up pouches, with the added benefit/option of adding a resealable closure in conjunction with our Reseal 360 Crossweb re-seal zip applicator.

Doy Pack History

Louis Doyen, CEO of the French packaging machinery manufacturer Thimonnier, obtained a US Patent for a stand-up pouch design in 1968. This design still forms the basis of stand-up pouch design today. The basic Doyen design consists of two flat sheets seamed together along their sides, with a “W” fold running along the bottom and sealed to the tube wall with an upside-down U-shaped area. When the pouch is filled, the “W” (also called gusset) opens and provides a circular base on which the pouch can stand.

Source: Wikipedia

Video Demonstrating a ZipPak® Slider Closure on a Doy Style Bag

The range and type of resealable closures are wide and have developed in quite sophisticated ways since the making of the above video. Talk to us about the new range of zip closures.

Doy Style Packs from a VFFS Zip Applicator

reseal360_250The Reseal 360XM is the packaging industry’s leading trans-directional resealable (re-closable) zipper applicator. Using Zip-Pak® resealable transverse zippers from Zip-Pak®, it is the ideal cross-web technology, capable of running narrow or wider flange transverse zippers for bag resealability (re-closability) on vertical or horizontal form-fill-seal. Designed for simple and trouble-free installation, talk to Line Equipment packaging machinery about adding the Reseal 360 crossweb zip applicator to your existing host vertical form fill and seal bagging machine. All prospective host vertical form fill and seal bagging machinery will be inspected by qualified engineers to assess the level of refurbishment required and to maximise the compatibility of the Reseal 360 system.

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I am very proud to have helped develope this zip closure application and to know it is fitted to the VFFS machines of most of the major manufacturers.

John Blashkiw

Managing Director, Line Equipment

Video Demonstrating a Zip Applicator on a VFFS Bagger

On VFFS Zip Applicator - A Line Equipment Machine

UK Designed, UK Built, Working Worldwide On Many Makes of VFFS Machines

Zip Closure Applicator - Also Available for HFFS Machines

UK Designed, UK Built, Working Worldwide™

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