Pillow, Doy & Quad Bags From One Machine

Superfast Changeover Time Between Standard Jaws for Pillow, Gusset, Quad and Block Bottom to Doy Style Bag Filling. 

LE360 PDQ - The ONE Machine

Produce Multiple Bag Styles Including Doy Style Stand-up Pouches from ONE Machine

LE360 PDQ – ONE Machine – Multi Bag Styles!

Line Equipment have developed a fast, easy to operate and tool free transition system that allows the machine’s jaws to move from a traditional pillow, block bottom, gusset or quad style bagging machine to a Doy style packaging machine in under 40 seconds.

The rotatable jaws and true fin back seal allows for ONE machine to cover more bag styles and you can have the ability to add resealable zip closures too.

With the ability to add multiple Forming Sets for each Bag Style Set Up the range of bag sizes, in various styles offers incredible flexibility.

This machine negates the need for multiple machines to cover different styles, offering potential cost and space saving benefits for companies who need the flexibility of multiple bag styles.

Everything else you expect from a member of the LE range is still included.

LE360 PDQ Machine Jaws in Standard Bag Position

LE360 PDQ Machine Jaws in Doy Style Position

Doy Style Position – Top View

Talking to Engineering Manager Leigh Henshaw at Delicious Alchemy, the first customer to take delivery of the 2018 multiple bag style PDQ machine.

Full case study here…

Close up of the elements of the PDQ bagging machine with an attached Zip Applicator producing bags plus a look at a Doy style stand up pouch produced from the machine.

Watch the ease with which you can change the machine from traditional style bags ready to Doy style bag filling ready. Don’t forget to change film/Forming Set, etc though!

The PPMA Show 2018

Visit us on Stand D02 where we will have our new Unwind:Rewind Zip Applicator Film Converter & PDQ machine (multi-bag style filling including Doy style stand up pouches) live!

Free Registration by clicking the image link below.

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