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Pillow-BlockillustratLine Equipment has been building VFFS machines for over 20 years, with almost 300 machines installed all over the world, renowned for their reliability. We believe we offer customers machines that deliver both high efficiency and value for money and here you can read our customers stories and opinions.

The entire LE VFFS range is constructed in stainless steel to suit even the most demanding environment, making them, amongst many applications, excellent wet food machines.

Below we highlight some specific cases studies and testimonials from our customers across VFFS, HFFS and Bespoke machine usage.

Which VFFS Machine Is Best?

cropped-dp-logo-headerDri-Pak is a family owned business spanning three generations whose business has continuously evolved since the 1960s, from packing food salt for the grocery trade into producing and supplying traditional cleaning products to the retail trade. Whilst food salt and dishwasher water softening salt remain a key part of the business, growing interest in traditional and natural cleaning products has led to developments and extensions within the range.

In addition Dri-Pak provide own-label and contract packing to leading UK stores and welcome enquiries for this service or any of their product range.

Contact details for Dri-Pak are at the bottom of this case study.

I spoke to David Robey, Head of Production and asked about his criteria in choosing a Form Fill bagging machine and his relationship with Line Equipment as a supplier.

David has worked for Dri-Pak for over 30 years and is pragmatic in his supplier choices.

Around the time we had become fully automated we were running mainly Sandiacre machines and when I went to market for further machines it became a straight choice between more of the legacy Sandiacre machines or the “new” Line Equipment machines. (The first LE machine was built in 1994).

sink-cleaning-soda-crystalsThe final decision came down to one question – could the lower priced LE machine do the same job as the proven Sandiacre machine?

I decided it could and put one online. We haven’t looked back”.

Price was important to DriPak, their products are mainly in the commodities market and therefore carry low retail price points, so profit margins are related to volume, making the Return of Investment (ROI) on new VFFS machinery around 6 to 7 years.

Line Equipment machines are robust and the bag speed per. minute we require means we run them well within their maximum output capabilities, so we have had very few problems over the years and Line provide excellent, fast service anyway.

In addition to buying new machines from the LE range David has also taken advantage of Line’s upgrade and refurbishment service.

Although Sandiarce stopped supplying spares and servicing for their machines (TG3B) after 5 years end of life, Line still produced spare parts for them, and eventually we took advantage of Line’s PLC and electrics upgrade to give extended life to those TG3B machines.

John Blashkiw says; “VFFS machines can provide 20 plus years of reliable service, depending on environment and usage. Changes to technology may enable faster and greener machines, but sometimes it is possible to upgrade the legacy machine. The original chassis of a machine is quite a chunk of the new build machine cost so why scrap it if it is capable of refurbishment for extended service?”

The Dri-Pak Range of Products

More Info & Contact Details for Dri-Pak.


Dri-Pak Ltd, Furnace Rd, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 5EP
Tel: 0115 932 5165

Customer “ Talking to Customer Fabio Laurenti at Giorgio’s Continental

Giorgio’s Continental import cheeses, pastas, meats, olive oils and vinegars, plus wines, spirits, beers and ciders from Italy and process and supply as ingredients to industrial customers, both those who use the ingredients to produce finished items, such as ready meals to supermarkets and to large groups to supply their own restaurant chains.

They also produce a pasta range branded as Pastaficio, which can be found in major retailers, national restaurant chains and brewery groups. Contact details for both are at the bottom of this case study.

Giorgio’s operates from within FSSC 22000 accredited sites.

Going back to a relationship that started some14 years ago with their first machine, Giorgio’s now have 5 Line Equipment baggers in total, one of which is a twin machine. On the grated cheese packaging line Giorgio’s use Line Equipment machines to fill and seal 5 kilo bags.

The bagging speed is dependent on the speed of the grating process rather than the machines capabilities, we achieve 6 to 8 bags per minute”.

It is he reliability of the machines that has kept Giorgio’s loyal to the LE range.

To see more information on the pasta range visit the website here Pastaficio

To read more about the services Giorgio’s Continental have to offer, visit their website here

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Intermittent or Continuous Motion?

Benefits of Continuous Motion

in addition to our standard Intermittent Machines we offer the option of Continuous Motion across the LE VFFS Range. This will give our customers further speed options, and offer potential energy savings, leading to faster payback times on investment in each machine.

One further advantage over intermittent that Continuous Motion machines offer is in the movement of the jaws. The jaws rise upwards as the product is released downwards to fill the bag. This produces a smoother fill, negating problems where air could become trapped under products such a lettuce leaves, causing irregular fills.

This motion also reduces product damage such as bruising to fruit and other products.

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John Explains Continuous Motion

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Our VFFS range is usually just the starting point. Each machine in the range gives an indication of footprint and bag size capabilities, but the real value comes in our ability to adapt and optimise the machine to suit our customers’ specific requirements.

John Blashkiw

M.D., Line Equipment

One of Our Objectives for 2017

To Produce a 'Low Drop' VFFS Bagger with Faster Fill Speeds for Large Bags

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