The 'Coin Bagger' From Line

Accurate Sealed Bags of Coins

The LE Coin Bagger


The “Coin Bagger” from Line Equipment is our newly developed machine built specifically for the purpose of bagging loose coins. Based on the design principles of the popular LE 200, we have taken the simplicity and longevity of that model and made it smaller, creating a coin packaging machine with a footprint size suitable for setting up and using in the back office environment of any operation that uses a lot of coinage.

You can set the coin counter to deliver the exact amount of selected coins using a simple to operate, menu driven screen with pre-sets for popular coin types and amounts. The coins drop into a flat roll of pre-printed, plain or tinted polyethylene double lined film which is formed into a bag and then impulse heat sealed closed, creating a strong, stable closed bag, which is then dropped to a receiving tray.

You have the option of using a thermal inline imprinter for labelling.

The machine (and film) can produce bags up to a maximum weight of 20 pounds.

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